Hi, My name is Mike Fowler.

I really enjoy working with robots. I like making them, programming them and watching them. I also enjoy teaching others all about what I have learned. That is why I created this site. I want to pass along as much as I can about every aspect of robotics as well as some of my other interests.

I am fascinated with 3D printing. I think it is another useful form of robots. And there is just something fun about robots making robots.

I have designed one that I call the 3D Machine which improves on 3D printing and adds a CNC machine, laser cutter/sinterer, pick and place and many other functions. In fact it is a complete 3D Manufacturing Machine. My ultimate goal is to be able to make my own phone or watch or eyewear or robot. Why wait for silicon valley to create the next big thing when all you have to do is download some plans and make your own.

When the iPhone app store came out I decided to learn to program apps and make a fortune. The fortune part hasn’t worked out but I have created several iOS apps and put them in the App Store for fun. And I have written dozens of apps for others under contract and learned lots about iOS. And now I am selling the source code for my apps so you can get your own app in Apples app store. You can find information about them on my app page.

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A couple of years ago I remember reading about Bitcoin. I thought it was a cool idea so I started playing around with them. But I didnt get serious until the price took off. Since then I have paid alot more attention to them. I have been extensively involved in mining all types ofcrypto coins and know how difficult it can be to get started. So I decided to make it as painless as I can and created an off the shelf crypto-coin miner. Just go to this page for more information.

Several years ago I was involved in the development of a robot called Gemini. I learned quite a bit about the art and science of designing robots. On this website you will find the complete design and features of Gemini, the worlds first autonomous robot. Built in the 1980s using multiple 8 bit processors it had voice recognition, voice synthesis, music synthesis, self navigation, self docking and recharging and many other features. Have a look at the specs on theGeminipage and download all of the designs for free.

You are also invited to read myblogand see what I think about the state of the mobile robot industry, artificial intelligence and many other topics.

Feel free toemail mewith questions, suggestions or comments.

Thank you for visiting.

Mike Fowler

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