Let me start out with an apology. I knew better than to let any files out of my control. I used to blog through a third party site and when it went away many years of my blog posts went with it. So I am starting again from scratch. Thats whu my posts jump from 2008 to 2014. In the near future I shall try and recreate as many relevant posts as I can from notes.

The Cloud ate my Blog

This entry was supposed to be about cryptocoin mining. But a series of events happened that prevented that. The short version is that the cloud ate my blog. Sounds better than the dog ate my homework doesn’t it?

Pattern Matching Revisited

I have been working on a robot that uses my ARTOS real time operating system for robot and embedded controllers. The original idea was to have a single microcomputer for the robot do everything. It would control all of the motors, handle sound generation, sensors, speech and even vision. …

Lets design a useful robot

My visit to the RoboDevelopment Conference this past October got me to thinking about what a useful robot would consist of. So I decided to put down my thoughts.

Lets start with the functions we wish it to do.

Multiple Cores and AI

Recently, Intel announced that they had developed an 80 core processor which would be available by the end of the decade. That got me to thinking that we are fast approaching a point in processor power where a true artificial intelligence would be possible. …

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