The Cloud ate my Blog

This entry was supposed to be about cryptocoin mining. But a series of events happened that prevented that. The short version is that the cloud ate my blog. Sounds better than the dog ate my homework doesn’t it?

Years ago I experimented with creating a blog. I started with that old standby, html. I created blog pages manually and inserted them into my website. That was such a pain that I tried a server add-on. But that had some issues. First it was a hassle to set up and maintain. Several times my server got hacked and they got in because of the blog. So I switched to an offsite blog that was in the cloud. They made it hard to keep backups so I trusted their advertising which said it was secure and backed up in multiple ways. Except they got shut down and now years worth of blog posts just evaporated.

Except for a few posts that I had encoded in files from many years ago and lots of notes, I’m left with nothing. If you were ever considering using the cloud for anything, I recommend that you rethink that. I can promise that it will eat your stuff when you least expect it and in the most unexpected ways.

Thats just my two cents worth.

Michael Fowler 2016