If you are interested in Bitcoin or other types of crypto-coin then you should be mining them. It is one of the fastest way to learn all about them and to support your favorite coin. Mining confirms transactions and makes them secure. You also get some coins for free as a reward.

Bitcoin are the ones everyone has heard of and they are the ones usually in the news. But there are many other crypto-coins as well. They only differ by value and by the algorithm used to confirm transactions. Bitcoin uses an algorithm called SHA256. Most other crypto-coin use an algorithm called Scrypt. The reasons for this difference and the history of crypto-coin is more than I want to get into here. But there are many websites that can fully explain all of the nuances of crypto-coin. Wikipedia is the best but also go to or litecoin.orgor any of the crypto-coin websites and read their history.

When people get started mining crypto-coin they usually run into a bunch of problems. The mining systems are almost exclusively do-it-yourself operations. You have to set up a dedicated computer, find and build the mining software, buy some ASICs and then configure the entire thing into a working miner. The system is set up so that you can’t earn any crypto-coin unless you operate your miner continuously. So if you turn it off every night or use the computer during the day you lose out on earning crypto-coin.

That is why I created a crypto-coin miner package. It has everything needed to mine crypto-coin including a computer. And it is small, quiet and power efficient so you can put it out in your garage and forget all about it while it earns crypto-coins for you.

Product no longer available. This page for reference only.

Michael Fowler 2016