Gemini Robot

'The Autonomous Robot

Gemini has the following features;

  • Integrated Artificial Intelligence Operating System
  • Self Navigating & Self Charging
  • Speech Synthesis & Speech Recognition
  • Sound and Music Synthesizer
  • Lights, Sound, Temperature & Battery Sensors
  • Rugged Computer Controlled Propulsion System
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Tells Stories, Sings Songs, Plays Music & Much More

Take a look at thebrochuredescribing the Gemini robot. Amazingly the robot does all this with microprocessors that ran at one megahertz and with less than sixty-four kilobytes of memory each.

Several articles were written about the Gemini robot, see what the magazines Radio-Electronics,Robotics AgeandRobot Experimenterall had to say.

The Gemini robot was controlled by several computers and sensor boards. Here are some of the specifications, a picture and schematics on each;

Voice I/O System

Propulsion Controller

Robot Main Control Computer


Sensor Interface Board

Power Regulator

The files that contain all of the information needed to build your own Gemini robot are available for free on the download page.

Michael Fowler 2016