The VIOS board is a Voice I/O System controller. It was designed to give the Gemini robots speech, music and sound effects capability and to allow complete control of the robot with voice commands. The VIOS computer includes voice recognition, voicesynthesis, music synthesis and sound effect generation circuits.

The VIOS connects to the main robot computer via an RS-232 serial port. Using a terminal program you can command VIOS to speak, play music, generate sound effects and display voice recognition tokens. It could even sing and accompany itself with music since the speech synthesizer and sound synthesizer were two different chips. The VIOS computer was also designed to be a stand alone product. It can be installed in a case and used the same as any computer peripheral.

The schematics are available for free on the download page.

The VIOS or Voice I/O and Sound board.

Processor 65C02, 1 MHZ
Speech Processor SSI-263
Sound Generator AY3-8913

The command set is ASCII text and follows
11 Enter voice recognition mode.
0x Train word group number x.
1 Enter the word for speaker adaptation pass.
2 Process speaker adaptation data.
3x Words for training pass 1, group x.
4xy Word y for training pass 2 group x.
5x Recognize word from group x.
6xy Retrain word y in group x.
7 Keep running mean of recognized words.
8xy Acknowlege word y in group x.
9 Update running mean of previously recognized word.
A Update running mean of current recognized word.
12 Enter speech synthesis mode.
0x Select speaking voice number x.
1tttttttcr Say text string t followed by a carriage return.
13 Enter sound synthesis mode.
0x Make sound x.
1x Play song x.
2x Music editor.
14 Self Test.

Michael Fowler 2016