iOS Apps

Hi, my name is Mike and I am an expert programmer specializing in embedded devices and C programming. I have also become very knowledgeable about Objective C from programming the Mac and the iPhone.

I have written some useful and fun applications for the iPhone which are available in the iTunes App Store.

One is aRobot Calculatorwhich computes the top speed of your robot based on parameters you enter. This is a free app.

Another is aValentines Cardapp. It is a very simple app that was my very first program for the iPhone. Show your Valentine how much you care. This app is also free.

I have also created a free game calledJellyblaster. This game is lots of fun and a great time waster. In developing this game I separated the software engine that drives the game play from thegraphicsso that I could use the same code for several different games just by changing image and sound files.


Robot Calculator

This app is called “Robot Calculator”. It will help you calculate the top speed that your robot can go and to find the speed depending on the wheel diameter, motor RPM and gear ratio. The gear ratio is expressed as a decimal number, where a 1:1 ratio is 1.0, a 5:1 ratio is expressed as 0.2 and 1:2 ratio is 2.0.

Here is a screenshot.

Jelly Blaster

The idea is to blast jellyfish as they swim by with your speargun. You can tilt the iPhone to move your speargun to line up shots. Each hit gets a point and you have a time limit to blast as many of those pesky jellyfish as possible. The highest score gets saved to a leaderboard. This was my first game for the iPhone and the basis for the more feature filled game engines.

Here is a screen shot of the game in action;

Valentines Card

I created an app for Valentines Day. It was my first app and all it does is show a box of candy and when you tilt the phone it opens the box. Unfortunately I submitted it a little late and it actually showed up in the app store about the 17th of February, 2009. Oh well, this is all about learning anyway. Here is the main screen of that app.

One interesting side effect of having the name Valentines Card is that on Valentines Day the number of downloads of this app jumps into the tens of thousands. The rest of the year it gets no more than 1 or 2 downloads per week. I guess thats because of all the people that forgot to get a present for their Significant Other.

Michael Fowler 2016