Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how we handle information we learn about you from our Site. It describes the types of information we collect and explains what we do with that information. If you have questions about this policy or wish to contact us, we can be reached via e-mail at

User is aware that the use of the internet can never be 100% secure and that there are certain inherent risks for the protection of personal data. Robotu shall exercise reasonable diligence to protect personal data but it cannot guarantee or warrant that data provided by the User to Robotu is safe and protected from unauthorized third party access and no liability is accepted in this respect.

You may provide information through optional and voluntary submissions. These voluntary submissions include, but are not limited to, information necessary to create an account with the Site, purchase licenses through the Site, provide information on our Site to contact us to get further information aboutRobotu, our services, and/or other information, and/or post comments/questions either through the community forum or via e-mail.

When registering or using the Site, certain personal data may be collected and processed in accordance with established European standards of data protection. Collected personal data includes or may include in the future, name and address, age, gender, income, education, hobbies and preferences and IP address.

User acknowledges and agrees thatRobotu by way of setting cookies, may collect data on usage of the Site and/or related services by User such as IP address, duration of a session and page views on theRobotuwebsite. Such data is not necessarily retained, neither is it necessarily retained within the country in which the individual member resides. User may at all times erase cookies from their computer by using the respective functions of the browser. User acknowledges and accepts that the removal of cookies may have an impact on the performance of the services. Notwithstanding the disabling of the cookies, users’ may remain traceable through use of their individual membership details (such as username and password).

Technical Information

Members may at all times request access to the personal data collected and if inaccurate they may request that such collected personal data is corrected, that the collection of personal data is blocked or that the collected personal data is erased, subject to legal provisions or orders from state authorities such as courts requiringRobotuto store and maintain such personal data at the disposal of the authorities.
Robotudoes not offer its services or promote its Site to, nor does it intentionally collect or retain personal information from, children who are younger than 13 years of age. Visitors to the Site are cautioned, however, that the collection of personal information submitted in an e-mail or through the App will be treated as though it was submitted by an adult, and may, unless exempted from access by Federal or State law, be subject to public access. If you believe your child may have submitted information toRobotuwithout indicating their actual age and would like it removed, please contact us at and we will delete it immediately.

The above notwithstanding, nothing contained within these terms and conditions shall be construed as indication or confirmation that any personally material, data or record is or may be kept that may or could personally identify any specific user, their location, or any aspect of their activity using their membership account with this site.

Miscellaneous Provisions

  • You may not assign or transfer any rights or obligations arising out of these Terms of Service to any third party.Robotumay assign any rights and obligations arising out of these terms of service including the provision of certain or all services or parts of it without the consent of the members concerned.
  • Should any provision of these terms of service be deemed invalid, void or unenforceable all other aspects of the terms of service shall remain in force. In such event the invalid, void or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a valid or enforceable provision which best reflects the commercial purpose of the invalid, void or unenforceable provision. The same shall apply in the event of a contractual omission.
  • The original version of this Agreement has been drafted in English. In the event of inconsistency or discrepancy between different language versions, the English version shall prevail.
  • This Agreement represents the entire understanding between the parties regarding your use of the site, and supersedes all other agreements, express or implied, between them. This Agreement shall not be modified except as provided for herein or except in writing, signed by an authorized representative ofRobotu.
  • Robotu’s failure to act with respect to a breach of this Agreement by you or others does not constitute a waiver of its rights with respect to that breach or any subsequent breach, nor shall it constitute a waiver of any other rights under this Agreement.
  • A printed version of this Agreement and of any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings based upon or relating to this Agreement to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form.
  • Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.
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